Experimental Digital Photography (EDP)
By Rick Doble
My latest explorations and experiments with time, motion (space-time) and light with digital photography
Inlcuding light painting, camera painting, slow shutter speed photographs and night photography
--online exhibits--

READ: The Future of Futurism
Experimental Digital Photography and the Futurist Art Movement:
Presentation to the Generative Art Conference, December 17, 2009, Milan, Italy
Read the full text showing my work in comparison to paintings and photographs from the Futurist Art Movement in Italy, 100 years ago

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I will be adding new experimental digital photos (EDP) as time permits.

1st Experimental Digital Photography Exhibit
abstract expressionist camera painting photographs
Over 40 Abstract Expressionist Light Paintings
Digital photographs created purely with light
and that are like American Abstract Expressionist paintings

Browse Space-Time Slow Shutter Speed Experimental Digital Photographs
30-40 Candid Shots Of Rodeo Riders, Guitar Players, Dancers and Self Portraits Per Exhibit
Go to the home page for my space-time photographs for more explanation
rodeo horses and riders, space-time experimental digital photography
Rodeo Photos of Horses and Riders
guitar players, space-time experimental digital photography
Guitar Players at a Local Jam
dancers at a rave concert, space-time experimental digital photography
Dancers at a Rave Concert
self portraits while riding in an automobile, space-time experimental digital photography
Self Portraits While Driving

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See hundreds more experimental photos created with digital photography that I took beginning in 2002. Go to my Painting With Light section that includes multiple galleries and essays
You might also want to read my first essay about experimenting that I wrote ten years ago, when I first got a digital camera.

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