Ferris Wheel Fantasy
carnivals, fall festivals
- digital photography -
by Rick Doble

These digital photographs were taken with a
Sony FD73 and Sony CD100 and a Casio QV-770 digital camera

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This is my second installment of Ferris Wheel abstractions. See the first show "I see those carny lights." The multiple changing lights of a moving Ferris Wheel coupled with the oddities of the digital medium make this an ideal subject for creating abstractions. I DID NOT manipulate these in a Photo Shop or any paint program. These effects were created with camera movement and the movement of the wheel. Digital cameras do not produce a blur or smear like old-fashioned photographic film, but something quite different. Wonderful!

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ferrisfantasy004.jpg ferrisfantasy002.jpg ferrisfantasy001.jpg ferrisfantasy003.jpg
ferrisfantasy009.jpg ferrisfantasy008.jpg ferrisfantasy054.jpg ferrisfantasy055.jpg
ferrisfantasy039.jpg ferrisfantasy046.jpg ferrisfantasy031.jpg ferrisfantasy049.jpg
ferrisfantasy032.jpg ferrisfantasy034.jpg ferrisfantasy027.jpg ferrisfantasy021.jpg
ferrisfantasy006.jpg ferrisfantasy007.jpg ferrisfantasy010.jpg ferrisfantasy012.jpg
ferrisfantasy011.jpg ferrisfantasy016.jpg ferrisfantasy013.jpg ferrisfantasy014.jpg
ferrisfantasy017.jpg ferrisfantasy023.jpg ferrisfantasy020.jpg ferrisfantasy022.jpg
ferrisfantasy041.jpg ferrisfantasy043.jpg ferrisfantasy044.jpg ferrisfantasy057.jpg
ferrisfantasy035.jpg ferrisfantasy036.jpg ferrisfantasy028.jpg ferrisfantasy025.jpg
ferrisfantasy033.jpg ferrisfantasy047.jpg ferrisfantasy053.jpg ferrisfantasy038.jpg
ferrisfantasy050.jpg ferrisfantasy052.jpg ferrisfantasy042.jpg ferrisfantasy024.jpg
ferrisfantasy056.jpg ferrisfantasy058.jpg ferrisfantasy045.jpg ferrisfantasy048.jpg
ferrisfantasy018.jpg ferrisfantasy015.jpg ferrisfantasy026.jpg ferrisfantasy005.jpg

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