Halloween-like masks and figures
-- from around the world --

compiled and colored
by Rick Doble.

Halloween is a celebration of witches, witchcraft, ghosts, goblins, devils and skeletons. These are ideas for Halloween costumes and decorations derived from mythological figures from around the world. Get ideas here and find the items you need at buycostumes.com Halloween costumes to pull it all together.

These images are real figures from different cultures, drawn from the Dover book, Treasury of Fantastic and Mythological Creatures by Richard Huber. This is a Dover Pictorial Archive book, meaning that these images are in the public domain and can be used without permission.

Kids and grown-ups might want to use these as inspiration for a Halloween costume or for decorations. I have included six masks and four full figures.

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This exhibit is part of an ongoing exploration of ritual and celebration in the 21st Century. I will be adding more such online displays as time permits.

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Ceremonial dance mask - Bali, Indonesia
Paper-mache mask - Venezuela
Death's Head - Mustang, Nepal
Figure by Max Ernst - 20th Century Surreal Painter.
Dance Mask - Ivory Coast
At the request
of the Iroquois
we are removing this mask
- click to read their letter
Ghost demon - Tesuque, American Indian
Headless Monster - China
The fish man - San Cristobal, Soloman Islands
Demonic figure - Greenland

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