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Honor System

You are invited to read Rick Doble's one act play
about the accidental death of a homeless man on a lonely road.

This play is available free and without charge
to schools, educational and arts organizations, students, non-profits and non-commercial concerns.

You may print this play on your printer.
It should be "printer friendly."

You must agree that if you want to perform this play or any part of the play in any manner
you will e-mail Rick Doble for permission and
that you will credit Rick Doble as author of the play.

Press "I agree" to read the full and complete text of the play.

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--- ALSO -
Read Rick Doble's
dramatic monologues online.

--- click on this link above to read ---

These monologues have been called:
"Dramatic monologues that have contemporary spunk."

Two of these dramatic monologues have been published in the anthology:
Millennium Monologs, 95 contemporary characterizations for young actors, Edited by Gerald Lee Ratlif, 262 pages, $15.95, Colorado Springs: Meriwether Publishing Limited, 2002.