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-- 40 years in photography, 25 years in digital photography and digital imaging

-- 14 year old digital photography website

-- Author and photographer of three books on digital photography

-- Leading expert on experimental digital photography (subject of third and last book)

-- Invented own digital photography system before the advent of digital photography

-- Exhibiting art photographer since 1971

-- Photography intern for North Carolina state government (UNC-graduate school), 1974

-- Worked at the UNC-Chapel Hill photolab under Ross Scroggs 1971-1972

-- M.A., Dept. of Radio, TV & Motion Pictures; B.A., English, Honors (both UNC-Chapel Hill)




Book Author & Photographer: 15 Years of Essay-Blogs About Contemporary Art & Digital Photography: In-Depth Articles from 1997-2012, by Rick Doble, eBook, Lulu Publishing, 2012.

Book Author & Photographer: Experimental Digital Photography, by Rick Doble, Lark Books/Sterling Publishing, New York/London, 2010. 200 pages, 300 photographs by Doble.

Book Author & Photographer: The Everything Digital Photography Book, 2nd Edition by Rick Doble, Adams Media Corporation, 2008. 362 pages, 77 photographs by Doble. One of Adams Media’s best selling books in the Everything series.

Amazon Bookstore

Book Author & Photographer: Career Building Through Digital Photography by Rick Doble, Rosen Publishing Group, 2007. 64 pages, 6 photographs by Doble.

Rosen Publishing

Book Agent: Pamela Brodowsky, International Literary Arts, LLC, Moscow, PA

Essay Author: Essay entitled, Post Style, published in Life Imitating Art, a newsstand magazine, 2002.


Website - 14 years old

www.RickDoble.net since 1997

     2000+ digital photographs, 30+ Essays, 12,000 word illustrated autobiography about the creation of contemporary art

     Website traffic: over 500,000 page views per year from 69 countries

     Other websites have linked to RickDoble.net from 400 other websites in 24 countries


Major Shows, Interviews, Reviews, Publications, Symposiums, Mentions Since 1994

Unless specified with the notation (web) exhibit work listed was hardcopy, printed and framed for display or printed in a hardcopy publication. Internet URLs are listed for work available and still online. Work listed in reverse chronological order. All mentions are in the USA unless stated otherwise.

Group Show - Europe: Work featured and on the poster for the SCIENAR-INTERFERENCES Exhibit organized by ITC in collaboration with the National University of Art in Bucharest, Romania, 2010.

Paper:  Presented  to the 12th Generative Art Conference: The Future of Futurism by Rick Doble, M.A., Dr Marcella Giulia Lorenzi, PhD (Laboratory for Scientific Communication, University of Calabria, Arcavacata (CS), Italy) and Prof. Mauro Francaviglia (Department of Mathematics, University of Torino, Torino, Italy). At exactly 100 years after its birth, the art movement Futurism is revisited in terms of the new potentialities offered by Digital Photography. Included in the paper are extensive quotes from Doble's Experimental Digital Photography book (Lark Books) and his experimental photographs are compared to images created by the Futurists. Milan, Italy, 2009

National Radio Interview: NPR (National Public Radio) – All Things Considered: “Is Digital TV A Problem For Artist Inspired By Static?,” 3 minutes 50 seconds, aired June 13, 2009


Doctoral Dissertation: Mapping a Geographical History of Digital Technology in Rhetoric and Composition, by J. Tirrell. Rick Doble mentioned as a source. Dissertation produced in partial fulfillment of the degree of Doctor of Philosophy at Purdue University, 2009


Group Exhibition: Re-new, Re-use, Re-view, comparison of  Doble’s ‘painting with light’ digital photography to Futurist’s paintings of 1910, Eyedrum Art Gallery, Atlanta, Georgia, 2008

Paper:  Presented  to the 10th Generative Art Conference: Painting with light: generative artworks or “setting in motion” the fourth dimension by Dr Marcella Giulia Lorenzi, PhD (Laboratory for Scientific Communication, University of Calabria, Arcavacata (CS), Italy) and Prof. Mauro Francaviglia (Department of Mathematics, University of Torino, Torino, Italy). Three of Rick Doble’s essays were quoted extensively in this paper and credited in six footnotes. Milan, Italy, 2007


Juried Group Exhibition: 5th Photographic Image Biennial Exhibition, exhibited at show and included in catalogue, University Of North Carolina at Greenville, Gray Gallery, 2007

Work In Gallery: Garden Gallery (Mary Jo Bell director), Raleigh, NC, 2003-2007 (until gallery closed)

Proposal and Conference: Capturing the Moving Mind Conference, Moscow, Russia, proposal accepted, invited to conference, 2005


Paper:  Presented  to the 7th Generative Art Conference: Selling Artworks as the Case of Generative Art Product Marketing by B. Soban, BSc (Vrtojba, Nova Gorica, Slovenia). Doble’s essay on marketing digital art is referenced in this paper. Milan, Italy, 2004

Award, Self Portrait Competition (web): PostPicasso.com, digital self portraits, honorable mention, 2004

Juried Group Exhibition: Merry Moor Winnett Photography Triennial, Green Hill Center for NC Art, Greensboro, NC, 2004

Book Cover Using Doble’s Original Work: Mary Didn’t Have A Mam, Derry Cotter, Trafford Publishing, Canada, 2004


CD Cover: Unterhaltungskapelle by Romme Bilger, Rallehond Records, The Netherlands, 2004

Featured Photographer (web): 16 digital photographs, Photo Box, Slovakia, digital work online since 2003


Major Art Ezine (web): Rhizome.org, Net Art News, 'Lighting The Low-Tech', newsletter emailed worldwide, 2003


Juried Group Exhibition: Cameron Art Museum, Wilmington, NC, 2002

Digital Photography Web Page For Modern Art Museum (web): 1 digital image, The Open Museum Net.Art @ The Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin, Ireland, 2002


Newsstand Review: One page full color review, eDigitalPhoto, (a newsstand magazine), 2001


Award (web): Mona Lisa Award, online award for web site design, compatibility and clarity, 2001


Digital Photographs In Collection: Untitled Catalogue, coffee-table color catalogue of contemporary photos, and 4’X3’ color poster, Kent, England, 2001

CD Album Cover Using Doble’s Experimental Work:: Lorna (a rock group), Nottingham, England, 2001

Featured Artist (web): Signum (web), Issue 6, 6 digital photographs plus artist statement, 2001


Major Publication (web): Pif Magazine, pifmagazine.com  (a major literary web publication), 8 Internet covers, 1998-2000; also listed on masthead as contributing artist - digital photography

            http://pifmagazine.com/2000/12/, pifmagazine.com/2000/10/, pifmagazine.com/2000/07/

            pifmagazine.com/vol34/, pifmagazine.com/vol29/, pifmagazine.com/vol23/


Directory: Marquis Who'sWho in America, Millennium edition, listed as photographer, 2000

Award (web and magazine): Netweek Magazine, Australia, Editor's Choice award and review, 1999

Juried Group Show: Omaha Center for Contemporary Art, Omaha, NE, 1999

Juried Group Show: Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts, Perth, Australia, 1999

Symposium (book, web, symposium): Aixois d'Art Contemporain, Aix en Provence, France, animations shown at symposium and on website plus included in hardcopy book of symposium, 1999


Participant (book & web): Cyberarts 99, Prix Ars Electronica, Austria, 1999.


Feature Article (web): Sint-Michielsschool, Merelbeke, Belgium, 1999.


Review (web): Review of digital work by David Martin-Jones, The Film-Philosophy Journal of London, United Kingdom (review of work at Enculturation Site - below), 1998


Featured Artist (web): 13 digital images with artist statement, Enculturation, Vol. 2, No. 1, Fall 1998


Juried Group Exhibit (museum exhibit and web): 2 digital photographs included, Digital Americana Exhibit: The Orlando Museum of Art, Orlando, FL, 1998

Museum Gallery Show: 20 digital photographs, Greenville Museum of Art, Greenville, NC,  North Gallery, 1995

Art Magazine Article: 2 full page color prints, Sanskrit Magazine, Charlotte, NC, 1994

One-Person Show: 40 digital photographs, Cameron-Black Gallery, Beaufort, NC, 1993


Google Rankings of www.RickDoble.net (Ranking are based on 9/22/07 searches)

Search = 'digital art photography'; rank = #2 out of 50,800,000 results

Search = ‘essay digital photography’. rank = #2 out of 2,140,000 results

Search = 'contemporary art essays'; rank = #2 out of  2,640,000 results

Search = 'painting with light'; rank = #2 out of  9,830,000 results

Search = 'essays painting with light'; rank = #2 out of  2,090,000 results

Search = 'illustrated autobiography art'; rank = #2 out of  1,750,000 results

Search = 'digital photography experimentation'; rank = #2 our of 1,890,000 results

Search = 'art 21st century'; rank = #5 out of  9,400,000 results

Search = ‘essay future of art environment’, rank = #2 out of 2,140,000 results

Search = ‘global environmental crisis’, rank = #2 out of 21,000,000 results

Search = ‘essay future of art’, rank = #1 out of 6,350,000 results

Search = ‘internet artist’, rank = #9 out of 69,300,000 results


Additional Digital Photography Activities

Scholarly Activities Relating To Doble’s Digital Photography Work

Students: Over 30 students from the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Russia, Norway, Holland and India have used Doble’s work as part of their studies. These requests included requests from the following (emails from students available on request):

== UK: Newcastle; Sheffield Norton College; Charles Darwin High School; Bexhill College in East Sussex; Winchester School of Art, University of Southampton;

== Canada: Malaspina University College in BC.

== USA: Warwick High School in Newport News, Virginia; Smithfield-Selma High School in North Carolina; and a Youth Pastor in Ft. Myers, FL.

Doble’s Work A Primary Source For University Essay: Digital Arts Processes, Madeleine Reade-Lyons, Thames Valley University in London, 2004


Dissertation: Glitch Art, Iman Moradi, The University of Huddersfield, UK, 2004. Essay: Painting with Light: the new expressive capability of digital photography, Rick Doble included as a reference.


Lecture:: Philosophy professor, Dr. Tom Leddy, from San Jose State University, California, used Doble’s essay on contemporary art as a basis for his talk on the Future of Art in a panel discussion, 2004.
Doble’s Essays Republished Across The Web

The following sites republished six of Doble’s essays and these listed essays are still online:

Photography Can't Get Respect:

            Ovation TV


Is Photography The New  Expressive Visual Art?:

Global Living Diary of Digital Art (http://www.lastplace.com/LivingHistory/doble.htm)

Log Cabin Chronicles (http://www.tomifobia.com/doble2.html)

Is Photography a True Art Form? by Don Thorpe (Artists of Utah); Doble’s essay quoted:


The Digital Way To Experiment:

DigiGallery (http://www.rickdoble.net/resume/www.digigallery.com/1999/articles/thedigitalwaytoexperiment.html)

Thoughts About The Future Of Art In The 21st Century:

Annihilation Fountain (http://www.disobey.com/detergent/zines/annihilation_fountain/1998/taf08.txt)

A Touch of the Savage:

International Digital Art (http://www.idaprojects.org/articles/doble.html)

Introduction To Painting With Light Photography

Quotation from Doble in discussion: (http://www.fotocommunity.com/pc/pc/display/3927520)


Invention Of Digital Photography System

Before The Advent of Commercial Digital Photography

Created original system for digitizing photographs. Frozen frame images from a video camera were converted into still digital photographs. Doble wrote programs in Basic & Assembly languages for digital imaging including: graphics file format converter, image browser/manager, image palette manager and screen designer.

Doble spent one year studying the work of Eadward Muybridge before creating a series of large color figure studies of human motion. These were created from the public domain work of photographer Muybridge's thumbnail images in his landmark study of motion: Human and Animal Locomotion, 1887. Doble used his original digital photography imaging system to create this work.

== Shows Of  Doble’s Original System Digital Photography Images

The following major shows that involved this work (already listed in detail above with digital photography) were: Orlando Museum of Art, 1998; Greenville Museum of Art, 1995; Sanskrit Magazine, 1994; Cambron-Black Gallery; 1993. Addionally work was shown or mentioned at the following:

Online exhibit (web): The Animist (Internet), Australia, 1999.

Online Review & Feature (web): Annihilation Fountain (Internet) Vol. 8, 1998.

Two-person Show: Carteret Arts Council, Morehead City, 1997.

Award - Honorable Mention: Art from the Heart Exhibit, Carteret Arts Council, Morehead City, NC, 1994.

Feature Article: Carteret News-Times, Morehead City-Beaufort 1993.

Exhibit: Carteret Community College, Morehead City, NC, 1992.

Portfolio Presented: Society for Photographic Education, Southern Chapter, Annual Convention, Indian Beach, NC,1992.



One-person Show: North Carolina Coastal Folklife Projects Gallery, Beaufort, NC , 1991.

Photograph in Scientific/Medical Publication: Human leukemias  by Aaron Polliack, the University of Michigan, M. Nijhoff Pub., 1984.

Two-person Show: Durham Photographic Arts Society, Durham Arts Council, Durham, NC,1984.

Photographs Purchased: Duke Hospital (3 photographs), First Union Bank, Regional Coordinator - NEA, Durham, NC, 1975-1984.

Book Cover: Rainbow Roun Mah Shoulder, Carolina Wren Press, Chapel Hill, NC, 1984.

Book Cover: Dr. Faustwitz, Spaceman, Carolina Wren Press, Chapel Hill, NC, 1983.

Author: Photography Reviewer, Regular column in the NC Anvil and The Guide to the Triangle, Durham, NC, 1973-1981.

One-person Show: Broad Street Gallery, Durham, NC, 1981.

Record Album Cover: The Red Clay Ramblers, Chapel Hill, NC, 1979.

One-person Show: Downtown Gallery, Durham, NC, 1976.

Magazine Cover: Cover plus two other photographs, Southern Exposure, Durham, NC, 1977.

Magazine: 1 photo included, Photo Artist, Winter Park, Florida, 1977.

Magazine Feature: Cover plus feature article, The Guide to the Triangle, Durham, NC, 1976.

Photo-essay: Photo Artist (magazine), Winter Park, Florida, 1976.

Magazine: 1 photo included, Latent Image 3 (magazine), Duke University, Durham, NC, 1976.

Book: 1 photo included, North Carolina, A Camera Profile, Provincial Press, Chapel Hill, NC, 1976.

Feature Magazine Photo-Essay: The Sun, Chapel Hill, NC, 1976.

Awards: Best In Show, First Place Landscape, 2nd Place Portraiture: Durham Arts Council, Juried Photography Exhibit, Durham, NC, 1974.

One-person Slide/Tape Show: UNC, Chapel Hill & Library, Pittsboro, NC, 1974.

One-person Show: University Square Gallery, Chapel Hill, NC, 1974

Magazine: 2 photograph, Truck 13, Carrboro, NC, 1974.

Magazine: 1 photograph, Sumus number 3, The Loom Press, Chapel Hill, NC, 1973.

Awards: Honorable Mention: NC State Fair, Professional Photography, Raleigh, NC, 1973.

Awards: Honorable Mention: NC State Fair, Amateur Photography, Raleigh, NC, 1971.

One-person Show: UNC Student Union, Chapel Hill, NC, 1971.


Photography Jobs And Related Activities

Freelance Photographer (1975-1993), Durham & Smyrna, NC:

Photography teacher:  beginning, advanced and darkroom at St. Joseph’s Historic Foundation plus courses at Duke University, Durham Technical Institute, NC Museum of Life and Science; directed 12 multimedia instructional slide shows for area school system; photojournalism assignments for North Carolina State Government, Duke University, Carolina Wren Press, Durham Chamber of Commerce, Central Carolina Bank plus regional newspapers

Director: Durham Historic Photographic Archive Project (1977-1980, part-time salary):

Wrote NEA grant, ran 3 year project; researched, copied, compiled permanent collection now in Durham public library

Project has been digitized by library and is now online at: http://www.dclibrary.net/prod1/ncc/photoarch/

This project was reviewed in: Through the lens of the city: NEA photography surveys of the 1970s by Mark Rice, University Press of Mississippi, 2005.

Director:  Durham Restoration or Renewal (1976-1977, part-time salary):

Wrote grant, obtained funding from the NC Humanities Committee for multimedia slide show about preserving Durham architecture

Director & Instructor: Durham Photography Workshop (1972-1975):

Founded workshop for teenagers "at risk" after school; teens photography exhibited at numerous locations in Durham and on local TV (the Peggy Mann Show)


Other Activities And Information

---Marquis Who'sWho in America, Millennium Edition - listed as photographer and editor

---Web Master (1996-present) & advanced computer user (1983-present): member of the Raleigh, NC, Radio Shack Color Computer (CoCo) Club (1983-1988);  wrote in Basic and Forth programming languages

---Writer (1964-present): book and newsletter on consumer issues, short stories, poetry, plays, essays, reviews

---Chairman, Board Member, Saint Joseph's Historic (& Art) Foundation, Durham, NC, 1977-1983

---Born July 24, 1944, Richard deGaris Doble, Sharon Connecticut, 63 yrs. old, married to Janet Harriman, no children


Employment History And Education

---1994-present: Editor and publisher, Savvy-Discounts Newsletter

---1975-1993: Professional freelance photographer (see earlier description)

---1972-1975: Director, Durham Photography Workshop (see earlier description)

--- Intern, photographer, North Carolina State Government. Department of Natural And Economic Resources, Division of Community Development, 1974. Took photographs for city development project to document problems and opportunities in a number of North Carolina cities and towns including: Rocky Mount, Greenville, Greensboro, Asheboro, New Bern, Beaufort, Laurinburg, Clinton.

---M.A., Masters in Communications, Department of Radio, TV and Motion Pictures (RTVMP) University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, 1974

Graduate school work: Memorial Hospital video-taping program, 1972

Graduate school work:  UNC-Chapel Hill photolab under Ross Scroggs, 1971-1972

---B.A. in English, Honors in Writing (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, 1966)