Self Portrait Shadows
digital photography self portraits online--
These digital photographs were taken with a
Sony FD73 and Sony CD100 and a Casio QV-770 digital camera

by Rick Doble

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The first group of photos was taken under an area light
that shown on an old and worn rail road crossing marker
on the road.
The next group was taken in the grass
under some bright nighttime lights.

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selfshadow06.jpg selfshadow03.jpg selfshadow05.jpg selfshadow02.jpg
selfshadow01.jpg selfshadow08.jpg selfshadow07.jpg selfshadow04.jpg
selfshadow20.jpg selfshadow19.jpg selfshadow09.jpg selfshadow10.jpg
selfshadow11.jpg selfshadow24.jpg selfshadow22.jpg selfshadow23.jpg
selfshadow21.jpg selfshadow18.jpg selfshadow14.jpg selfshadow15.jpg
selfshadow16.jpg selfshadow17.jpg shadowgrass_o.jpg  

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