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snowflakes are falling on the Internet!
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Snowflake Splendor
"digital snowflakes are falling on the Internet"
Colored and colorized microscopic photographs of snow crystals and ice
These pictures were derived in part from the study of snow crystals by W. A. Bentley
----4th Year on the Internet----

By Rick Doble

Internet Artist

On display are color-enhanced digital pictures of magnified snowflakes. These pictures were derived in part from the half-century study of thousands of snow crystals by W. A. Bentley.

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4th Annual Snowflake Exhibit
4th Annual Snowflake Exhibit
My biggest snowflake exhibit
26 colorful snow crystals
--- digital snowflakes are falling on the Internet ---

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snowflakes are falling on the Internet!
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snowflakes are falling on the Internet!
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snowflakes are falling on the Internet!
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This exhibit is the creation of Rick Doble who has a Masters Degree in Communications, who has been an exhibiting photographer for 30 years, and who has been creating original digital art for over 10 years. If you would like to read a brief resume of the artist, then click on the link below.

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