Snowflake Splendor

By Rick Doble

Internet Artist


Click on any of these thumbnail images to see a full-sized picture. Pictures are about 20k in size. They should take about 10-20 seconds to load. If your browser has trouble handling the thumbnail hyper-links, click on the picture number underneath the thumbnails instead.


Caution: If the Internet is having a "slow" day, you might want to go through these pictures manually at first instead of using the "slide show." After you have gone through all the pictures once, you should then be able to use the slide show feature because it will be loading the pictures from the cache on your fast hard drive instead of getting them off the slow Internet.

Start an automatic "slide show" 
This should work with Netscape and Microsoft browsers. Each page shows for about 30 seconds before the next snowflake automatically displays. It will go on indefinitely until you stop it. If it doesn't work with your browser, just manually click the link to the next picture.

Start a fast automatic "slide show" 
Pictures change every 15 seconds. If pictures take less than 15 seconds to load, you can use this option. Or you can use this option after you have viewed all snowflakes once. Your browser will get pictures from the fast cache on your hard disk instead of the slow Internet. To exit this option once it has started simply go to the bottom of the page and return to this thumbnail page.


To copy any picture to your hard drive just click on the picture with your right mouse button and follow the on-screen instructions.



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snowanax.gif, 13,055 bytes

Animated, fast moving snowflakes!

See a number of these snowflakes in a quick moving animation loop. Sorry but this animation will takes a little longer to load, about 60 seconds. But it is well worth the wait.

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