Dear Mr. Doble,
thank you so much for your wonderful site. It is already on my bookmarks, and I sent it to our Computer Section and to the people that do the homepage (site) of our newspaper, O ESTADO DE S.PAULO. Pls visit us at

and consult our cyber arte site!
It was a wonderful Xmas surprise for me, as an enthusiastic Xmasadict and cyber art!
Pls visit also my homepage (it is done in English), at the add.

Thank you again, and the best Holliday Wishes.

Cecilia Thompson, ombudsperson for the most important newspaper of Latin American, brazilian O ESTADO DE S.PAULO.

Your page is very beautiful and moving. Thank you for the opportunity to watch such a colorful and interesting display. Thank You again,

Blas Julio
El Siglo Digital

Clickx - a weekly electronic journal of Belgium Article (nr. 61)
Translation thanks to Guy VAN HEDDEGEM

Snowflakes on your computer, it must have something to do about wintertime. The photographer and digital artist Rick Doble shows his SnowFlake Splendor on the Internet. Ten enlargments of snow crystals were elaborated by Doble with color and placed in a photo-gallery. The artist presents his crystals as an animated gif too. Allright, but what can you do with such a work of art? No fear, this site is full of good intentions. For instance, you can download the pics, and schools and educational institutions can show the slide show for free on their own sites; you are invited to exchange ideas with the author about his work too. In addition, this digital exhibition is presented with a matching philosophy about "art in the 20th century". What do you want more? Beautiful art, for instance? Well, those images are nice to look at. Doble's "color elaborations" give the snowcrystals an impression of a cathedral's leaded windows.

English text: "Snow art... You just have to save it cool!!"

Dear Rick,

I'm going to do my very best to translate what I wrote on our website.

« By chance I found in the - indeed excellent - weekly "Clickx" an article about the website of a certain Rick Doble. This "digital artist" occupied himself with editing (I have the impression this is a poor translation for our word "bewerken", sorry; maybe "elaborating" can do?) with color the photographs of the snowflakeman. The writer of this article putted that those images were indeed very beautiful, but asked himself (we quote:) "Allright, but what can you do with such a work of art?" Dear JDP, on this page you get an answer for your question. The magnificent photographs of Rick Doble are a perfect illustration for the text that I present my pupils. Internet: what it's all good for!»

teacher sixth grade
at the Sint-Michielsschool, Belguim 

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