3rd Annual Snowflake Exhibit
by Rick Doble

© Copyright 1999 by Richard deGaris Doble 
All rights reserved

Welcome to my third annual exhibit of snowflakes.
Colored and colorized microscopic and magnifiied photographs of snow crystals and ice
These are quite different from the exhibits I did one and two years ago.
These pictures were derived in part from the study of snow crystals by W. A. Bentley
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snothree01.gif snothree02.gif snothree03.gif
snothree04.gif snothree05.gif snothree06.gif
snothree07.gif snothree08.gif snothree09.gif


This display is derived in part from the landmark photographic study of snow crystals by W.A. Bentley. His microscopic studies were created around the turn of the century.

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© Copyright 1999 by Richard deGaris Doble 
All rights reserved

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