Lights Reflected in Water
by Rick Doble
These digital photographs were taken with a
Sony FD73 and Sony CD100 and a Casio QV-770 digital camera

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Shot with a Sony FD73 digital camera
at night during the Cape Fear Blues Festival
across from the Wilmington North Carolina waterfront
(the same scene you might see on TV's "Dawson's Creek")

This is part of an ongoing series of digital photographic essays
about beauty in the ordinary world.

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Thoughts about Art in the 21st Century

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1lightsinwater00.jpg 1lightsinwater01.jpg 1lightsinwater02.jpg
1lightsinwater03.jpg 1lightsinwater04.jpg 1lightsinwater05.jpg
2lightsinwater01.jpg 2lightsinwater02.jpg 2lightsinwater03.jpg
2lightsinwater04.jpg 2lightsinwater05.jpg 2lightsinwater06.jpg
3lightsinwater01.jpg 3lightsinwater02.jpg 3lightsinwater03.jpg
3lightsinwater04.jpg 3lightsinwater05.jpg 3lightsinwater06.jpg
4lightsinwater01.jpg 4lightsinwater02.jpg 4lightsinwater03.jpg
5lightsinwater01.jpg 5lightsinwater02.jpg 5lightsinwater03.jpg
5lightsinwater04.jpg 5lightsinwater05.jpg 5lightsinwater06.jpg
5lightsinwater07.jpg 5lightsinwater09.jpg  

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