Music and Musicians
--digital photography online--
by Rick Doble
These digital photographs were taken with a
Sony FD73 and Sony CD100 and a Casio QV-770 digital camera

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--- 108 digital photographs ---
--- including 16 animations ---

--- musicians playing ---
--- audiences responding ---
--- dancing to electronic music ---

Online photography of music and musicians; photographs of rock and roll, electronic and rave, heavy metal, folk, blues, cajun, and beach music. Exhibit also includes photographs of audience response, dancing and gif animations. Digital photos by Rick Doble. Candid imagery taken in available light.

These are candid digital photographs taken in ambient light, handheld and with slow shutter speeds. I used only the light at the location. While this can lead to images that are less than sharp, the true light of the location gives a feeling of really "being there."

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a_musicians_03.JPG a_musicians_01.JPG a_musicians_02.JPG a_musicians_08.jpg
a_musicians_11.jpg a_musicians_09.jpg a_musicians_10.jpg a_musicians_04.jpg
a_musicians_06.jpg a_musicians_05.jpg a_musicians_07.jpg a_musicians_14.jpg
a_musicians_13.jpg a_musicians_15.JPG a_musicians_16.JPG a_musicians_18.jpg
a_musicians_12.JPG a_musicians_17.JPG a_musicians_20.JPG a_musicians_23.JPG
a_musicians_21.JPG a_musicians_22.JPG a_musicians_19.JPG a_musicians_24.JPG
a_musicians_25.JPG a_musicians_26.JPG a_musicians_27.JPG a_musicians_32.JPG
a_musicians_28.JPG a_musicians_29.JPG a_musicians_30.JPG a_musicians_31.JPG
a_musicians_33.JPG a_musicians_34.JPG a_musicians_37.JPG a_musicians_36.JPG
a_musicians_35.JPG a_musicians_38.JPG a_musicians_39.JPG a_musicians_40.jpg
a_musicians_48.jpg a_musicians_41.jpg a_musicians_43.JPG a_musicians_44.JPG
a_musicians_45.JPG a_musicians_42.JPG a_musicians_46.JPG a_musicians_47.JPG


b_audience_01.jpg b_audience_02.jpg b_audience_04.jpg b_audience_03.jpg
b_audience_05.jpg b_audience_06.jpg b_audience_07.jpg b_audience_08.jpg
b_audience_09.jpg b_audience_10.jpg b_audience_11.jpg b_audience_12.jpg
b_audience_13.jpg b_audience_14.jpg b_audience_15.jpg b_audience_16.jpg
b_audience_17.jpg b_audience_18.jpg b_audience_19.jpg b_audience_20.jpg
b_audience_21.jpg b_audience_22.jpg b_audience_23.jpg b_audience_24.jpg
b_audience_25.JPG b_audience_26.JPG b_audience_27.jpg b_audience_28.JPG
b_audience_29.JPG b_audience_30.JPG b_audience_31.jpg b_audience_32.jpg


Rave_01.jpg Rave_02.jpg Rave_03.jpg Rave_04.jpg
Rave_05.jpg Rave_06.jpg Rave_07.jpg Rave_08.jpg
Rave_09.jpg rave_a01.jpg rave_a02.jpg rave_a03.jpg


x_musicians01.gif x_musicians02.gif x_musicians03.gif x_musicians04.gif
x_musicians05.gif x_musicians06.gif x_musicians07.gif x_rustynail_3_o.gif
x_rustynail_4_o.gif x_ziggys10_o.gif x_ziggys11_o.gif x_ziggys5_o.gif
x_ziggys6_o.gif x_ziggys7_o.gif x_ziggys8_o.gif x_ziggys9_o.gif

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