2007 Painting With Light
My latest explorations and experiments
with time and motion with digital photography
--online exhibit--

by Rick Doble

These are candid photographs
using available light with no computer manipulation of the images
(although standard digital darkroom enhancements were applied)
Musicians, crowds, figures, individuals
Walking and moving the camera so that it really does "paint with light"

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2007 Painting With Light
1_musicians_06.jpg 1_musicians_03.jpg 1_musicians_07.jpg 1_musicians_09.jpg
1_musicians_01.jpg 1_musicians_02.jpg 1_musicians_04.jpg 1_musicians_05.jpg
1_musicians_08.jpg 1_musicians_10.jpg 1_musicians_11.jpg 1_musicians_12.jpg
1_musicians_13.jpg 1_musicians_14.jpg 1_musicians_15.jpg 1_musicians_16.jpg
1_musicians_17.jpg 1_musicians_18.jpg 1_musicians_19.jpg 1_musicians_20.jpg
1_musicians_23.jpg 1_musicians_24.jpg 1_musicians_25.jpg 1_musicians_26.jpg
1_musicians_27.jpg 1_musicians_28.jpg 1_musicians_22.jpg 1_musicians_21.jpg
1_musicians_29.jpg 1_musicians_30.jpg 1_musicians_31.jpg 1_musicians_32.jpg

--- CROWDS ---
crowds_01.jpg crowds_02.jpg crowds_03.jpg crowds_04.jpg
crowds_05.jpg crowds_06.jpg crowds_07.jpg crowds_08.jpg
crowds_09.jpg crowds_10.jpg

figures_01.jpg figures_02.jpg figures_03.jpg figures_04.jpg
figures_05.jpg individuals_01.jpg individuals_02.jpg individuals_03.jpg
individuals_04.jpg individuals_05.jpg individuals_06.jpg individuals_07.jpg

--- WALKING ---
i_walking_01.jpg i_walking_02.jpg i_walking_03.jpg i_walking_04.jpg
i_walking_05.jpg i_walking_06.jpg i_walking_07.jpg

Camera Movement Creates These Photos - No computer manipulation
painting_with_light_01.JPG painting_with_light_02.JPG painting_with_light_03.JPG painting_with_light_04.jpg
painting_with_light_05.JPG painting_with_light_06.JPG painting_with_light_07.JPG painting_with_light_08.JPG
painting_with_light_09.JPG painting_with_light_10.JPG painting_with_light_11.JPG painting_with_light_12.JPG
painting_with_light_13.JPG painting_with_light_14.JPG  

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