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--Over 25 links to my artwork and articles from schools, universities and other education resources.
--About 80 comments and requests from teachers and students from elementary school to graduate school.
--Numerous comments/links from outside the USA, including: China, Germany, India, Australia, the United Kingdom, South Africa, the Netherlands, Belgium and Canada.

From primary schools to graduate studies, schools have linked to my site both for the imagery and for the essays.

I have also received a number of requests from students to perform my monologues and art students to write about my digital art on line.

PLEASE NOTE: Some older links may no longer be available.

I welcome cooperation with students and schools so if you have something in mind please let me know.

Rick Doble

The following comments and links are mostly about these sites by Rick Doble:

Essays about Art
Dramatic Monologues and One Act Play
Digital Photography
Creation Myth and other essays
Haiku Poetry
Self Portraits:

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Arti FAQ 21OO
A learning project for students in New York.
Using Renaissance achievements as a platform and present foundation, students will pose key inquiry questions that will prompt their vision of art in our lives within the next hundreds years.

"Through our research and developing of this project Internet Artist Rick Doble contacted us to share his ideas and perspectives on art. Many of his points complement our project. We invite you to use them as springboard for speaking, listening and viewing our work."

1.Painting and art are well suited to create new images and icons that can serve as touchstones and guides to our future. 2.Art should often evoke, refer to, pay homage to, or be related to earlier art or art forms.
3.Even radical modern art has been related to earlier art forms.
4.Now, most painters tend to create from their imagination, from subjective inner needs and inner impulses or they paint based on abstract principles or conceptual ideas. Instead of drawing from nature directly, some painters draw from their inner nature. For example, Jackson Pollock used to point out that he, himself, was nature. 5.Jackson Pollock's dripped paintings which were inspired in part by the Navajo Indian sand paintings. These sand paintings were created by shaman who poured colored sand into the shape of figures. Later the wind blew the sand away. 6.Painting in this century has merely reflected the break with nature that the civilization as a whole has experienced. 7.Since this is where the future and civilization are leading us, it is only natural that painting and other arts would also move in that direction and be in the vanguard. 8.Architecture needs to be created that provides transitional areas from inside to outside and which does not set the building and the inside environment completely separate and apart from the outside environment of the world. For example, buildings should have some balconies, roof top gardens, and other points that open to the outside. 9.Because technology has changed, the roles of men and women are different. Women and men will be full equals. There need to be stories and myths of the heroic that apply to both men and women.
10.It is clear that the Earth and humankind will go through major changes in the next century.

The above words are an extended quote from my article:
Thoughts about Art in the 21st Century.


The Physics of Snow Crystals
By Kenneth G. Libbrecht,
Caltech University

Link to snowflakes:


Comprehensive inquiry into creation myths.

Extensive quote from my work called
The Big Picture:


Edward G. Foreman High School

Social Studies Resources
Link to:
The future of civilization and the future of the universe.


DramaWest Links page
DramaWest is the
Western Australian
Association of Drama Educators.

Links to dramatic monologues:



Link to my self-portrait site:


Paper Lanterns
Resource Library
Japanese related Literature

Link to my Haiku poetry:


Snowflake Bentley
Author, Jacqueline Briggs Martin
Illustrator, Mary Azarian
Houghton Mifflin, Boston, 1998

4. One computer artist has taken some of Bentley's landmark snowflake photographs and transformed them into stunning animations that are like crystalline light shows. His name is Rick Doble, and his work may be experienced at
Work with your art teacher and your computer teacher to learn something about Doble's artistic approach. Prepare a presentation for a specific audience that incorporates these moving images.....the presentation could be about art enhancement, about computer art, about Bentley's and Doble's artistic goals, as an introduction to a scientific presentation on snow crystals, or other approved topic.


Snowflake Bentley Sampler

3rd Annual Snowflake Exhibit by Rick Doble
Do you like Mr. Doble's snowflakes? Do you like them more or less than the ones done by Mr. Bentley? If you could choose one picture of Mr. Doles to save for yourself, which one would it be? Tell why. Save the picture to your disk to share later with friends or the class. Look at your choice of favorite snowflake pictures by Bentley. Compare it to some of the ones Mr. Doble has enhanced. Which do you like best?


Snowflake pictures were put up at a Belgian school site.
The pictures were taken from this URL:

Dear Rick,

I'm going to do my very best to translate what I wrote on our website.

« By chance I found in the - indeed excellent - weekly "Clickx" an article about the website of a certain Rick Doble. This "digital artist" occupied himself with editing (I have the impression this is a poor translation for our word "bewerken", sorry; maybe "elaborating" can do?) with color the photographs of the snowflakeman. The writer of this article putted that those images were indeed very beautiful, but asked himself (we quote:) "Allright, but what can you do with such a work of art?" Dear JDP, on this page you get an answer for your question. The magnificent photographs of Rick Doble are a perfect illustration for the text that I present my pupils. Internet: what it's all good for!»

teacher sixth grade
at the Sint-Michielsschool, Belguim
Special page and commentary and links to my snowflakes:


Open Learning Agency
Community Learning Network

Link to snowflake exhibit:


Reading List for Project Team 2ˇXDigital Photography


Ferris State University

Graphics and Digital Imaging


York University

Under Science page:
Links to snowflakes:


Marshall University
Links to digital photography:


McMicken College of Arts and Sciences

Geology Lecture Notes


Mississippi State University

fineArt forum


Computer Science Department San Bernardino, California


Dr. Perley Elementary School's
Ken's Connections



Science in Ancient Artwork and Science Today

"A Critical Commentary on Chaos Theory and Fractal Geometry"
By Charles William Johnson.
Link to snowflake site:

NOTE: These links no longer work


Barley Sheaf School Library Media Center
Student Curriculum Links

Links to 3rd annual snowflake exhibit:


Snowflakes used in firstgrade classroom

This is a private link and will not work from your machine:


How to Become a Weather Wizard
Instructional material for students.
Link to snowflake site:


The Summer Reading Program, the Rhode Island Office of Library & Information Services

Chill Out at the Library: Cool Web Sites (e.g. ice and snow)

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Dear Sir:
I am an eleventh grader at Eastside High School
in Gainesville, Florida. As a Drama III student, I was assigned to make a
"monologue book". So when looking for items that would be new to our group,
I stumbled upon your site and fell in love with your work. Honestly in the
thousands of monologues I have read in my 16 years of life, yours were
unbelievably wonderful. My mother is a drama teacher, so I am constantly
surrounded in theater. Never have I read a monologue that incorporated
humor, pain and suffering, love and true, real life and feelings as yours do.
Your descriptions of thunder and lightening in "Beach Music" create a
beautiful vivid image. Anyway, back to the point, I would like to use "Beach
Music", "Invasion", and "If a Plane Crashed Exactly on the US-Canadian
Border, Where Would They Bury the Survivors?". You may respond to my request
by sending an e-mail. Thank you so much for your time and

Dear Mr. Doble,
One other thing I thought you would like to hear is that, I spend many
summers in St. Augstine. The lines that you wrote 30 times are the exact
image of the lighten over the water, especially in hurricane season. When I
told my friend about your site, her favorite monologue was also "Beach
Music". She specifically mentioned the description of the rain and
lightening as her favorite part. Thank you for replying to my earlier
message. I wish you the best of luck in all of your endeavors.

Your site is the best I've come up with and I repect your work to the fullest. It is very neat of you to offer your images if asked for, I wish there were more Rick Doble's out there!

hey rick
your on my list of favorite writers.

nice work.
specially interested in THE LIME LIGHT, me an actor from nyc.
presently off b'way in line at the 13th st theatre and member of the actors studio.
wish you much success in your future endev.
good luck

I think you wrote well. You do not know me and I surely don't know
you. I don't have an e-mail address, so I won't be giving you one. I
am not asking permission to use your monologues because I did not find
what I was looking for. I just though I would tell you that you did

I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your website. I was doing a
search for monologues and I came across your website. I find your art and
views to be very amazing. Thank you for sharing with me.

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To the author,
Thank You for providing internet users with your work. I guess you could say
I'm a permanent student of the theater. I've acted on and off for about 15
years. Mostly community theater and school productions, but I studied
intensely with a professional coach a couple of years ago, before I had my
second baby. Now I'm not doing any acting, just being a Mom.
Please excuse my rambling- I came across your website while looking for a
monologue to perform for a ladies' group I'm part of. They get a kick out of
watching me perform, and I get a little ego fix. I may try your monologue
#6,(with your permission) although I think I'm a bit young for the part.
I'd also like to send copies of your monologues to my acting coach. She's
always looking for new material to assign her students, and I think your
work would be perfect. Please let me know if that would be alright with you.

This was our first day of of school on which it snowed! The children were enthralled so we went outside to catch snowflakes on black paper. Then we examined them with our magnifying glasses.

We came in for snack and I decided to try and find some snowflakes
on the Internet. I found your sight and called the children to come see. They oooohed and aaaahed. I down-loaded the snowflakes to add to our bulletin board about animals in winter. Thanks.

The public libraries in Rhode Island sponsor an annual Summer Reading Program to encourage children to read for pleasure over vacation. The theme this summer is "Chill Out at the Library." I would like to request permission for libraries to use the slide shows, animations and individual snowflakes on their computers and to use some of the snowflakes on our Summer Reading Program web site. Thank you for your lovely work and your consideration of this request.

Library Program Specialist
RI Office of Library and Information Services

Thank you for making me aware of your site and your insights.
Your email could not have come at a better time.
My students are currently working on an extension of their Learning
About Leonardo project to include a brief reflective look at Art's past
history to make predictions of how art would look in the future. There
are parts of your article we would like to include.

Take a look:

Please can I use your scripted monologues with a group of 5 students - not to perform, simply to analyse, in order to try and identify conventions prior to their attempt to write their own?

Is there a way I can just get pictures of snowflakes for the kids school
project without making another project out of it

I'm with John Casablancas Model and
Talent Management. I would like to obtain a permission to perform your
wonderful monologues for the purpose of my talent training evaluation. I
would appreciate any responds and best of luck to you!

I'm entranced by your images. I'm also looking for digital art to feature in a three part series of half-hour educational television programs on the "Psychology and Personal Implications of the Internet". This series is being produced by the public educational broadcaster in Alberta, Canada in association with Athabasca University, primarily for use in distance education. The programs are hosted by a psychologist, who leads us through a number of case studies and expert interviews on various topics to do with Internet communication. I can certainly fill you in further, but am interested to know if you would allow me to use your images, as visual punctuation at various points in the programs, in exchange for a credit at the end of each show. Let me know what you think. I look forward to hearing from you.

I would like premission to copy the snow flake pictures to show the
children in my class room and to hang up in the class

I would like permission to use these monologues from your web site in my
class as we prepare scenes for class presentation. Students have their
choice of scenes. I believe these are fine examples to set before them if
you will be so kind as to grant permission for their use:


Thank-you for your consideration.

Chair, Arts
Fort Lauderdale High School
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

I teach at Peabody Magnet High School in
ALexandria. I am the speech and debate coach, and I am always looking for
new and difference pieces for my students to perform. I found the above
mentioned (Subject) online and would like to ask your permission to perform
these at the upcoming Forensic Competition on November 19 and 20. I found
these pieces very interesting and delightful. Please E-mail me as soon as
possible, so that my students will have time to learn the pieces.

You are a wonderful writer and I will be looking forward to finding more of
your work on line and will be asking permission again.

I do a Website for a BOCES (part of the public education sytem in New
York State). Our current Science Activity of the Month is about
snowflakes. I would like permission to use some images from your site
as illustrations on our page.

I am presently working on a "game" for use at a Ladies' Retreat with the
theme "Beauty Out of Chaos". Obviously you have discovered an example
of this! I would like to use one of your images (on the "BEAUTY" side)
where the "CHAOS" side would be a blizzard (obviously). I hope you will
be ok with this. If there is a problem, e-mail me.

I am a subsitute teacher. I am teaching drama
this week at a Cruickshank middle school in Merced. I would like permission
to use your play for a dramatic reading activiy in the classroom.

I am a computer teacher and am requesting persmision to use some of your
graphics on our web page.


Peter Muhlenberg Middle School

Hi! Looking throught different sites on theatre, I came across your site,
which I found very interesting and useful. I am a theatre arts teacher
looking for new, fresh ideas and would like to request permission to use
your monologues in my class. I would love to hear from you as soon as
possible. Thanks

Hi Mr. Doble,

I would like to use your play Ghost Play in my drama Class. My 8th graders will be studying Greek Tragedy. Written permission can be mailed to the following address:

Great site and I love your art work. I know my students will be going back
many times.

I admire your work very much. Presenty, II am on the staff for the
Division of Extended Learning at Coastal Carolina University and am in
the process of creating a "small web-page" which will serve as a
resource for my students.. I would very much like to include some of
your images --since you so graciously offered (with your permission)
--if you decide that my purposes are in keeping with yours.
Thank you for your time!

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I am a freshman @ Beverly Hills College & I would like to perform the
monologue "Ghost Play" in our class.
I would really appreciate if you'd allow me to perform the play.
Beverly Hills College, CA.

I am a student at North Country Community College and I was asked by my acting professor to find a monolog for a presentation and with your permission I would like to use the play you have made available on the internet Ghost Play. I am looking forward to hearing from you.

I would like to use "All My Tomorrow's" for my
Acting I class that I am taking at San Antonio College. We were assigned to
find a monologue to do in class and found yours to be quite enjoyable. If I
can use it, I would be very grateful.

I am writing in regards to your request to have written
permission to perform one of your dramatic monologues. I have been
applying to colleges recently being that this is my Senior year in high
school. One of the colleges, Elon College of North Carolina, has
requested that I audition for them to be accepted into their Theater
Arts program. I hope to perform "The Lime Light" which I saw on your
website. I am scheduled to audition on Feb. 25, 2000 and would
appreciate a response as soon as possible. I look forward to hearing
from you and performing your monologue as I believe it will benefit me
in being accepted to Elon College.

Hello! I would like to use "If A Plane Crashed Exactly On The US-Canadian
Border, Where Would They Bury The Survivors" for an audition piece at my
universities auditions, is that possible?

I am a student at the University of
Texas at Austin. I am currently enrolled in a performance of literature
course, and I am to perform a monologue next Friday, the 15th. I would
love to perform the monologue from "All My Tomorrows" for my class.
I saw on your web site that I must get your permission before
performing any of the works found on your site. Please e-mail me back
and let me know if I may have your permission to do my performance of
the monologue.

I am a freshman attending the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. I am a Theatre major and was looking on the net for a dramatic monologue and I cam across your site. I read through them and one just jumped out and grabbed me. "Duplicity". I am going to be performing this for my dramatic monologue and I think that I could really make it work. If it worked out I'm sure it would be an outstanding piece to use whenever I audition for plays.

Please write back as soon as you can and tell me if it is okay. I think you do great work and I know Theatre students like myself thank you.

Hello. I happened to find your page while searching for monologues to use
for an upcoming audition. I was impressed by "Beach Music" and wish to use
it with your permission. Thank you for your time.
University of New Mexico Theatre Major

I am a student at Virginia Commenwealth
University. I am a photography major and I have a project that I have to do
for my Digital Photography class. We have to write a paper and do a slide
presentation on a digital artist. I chose you. I found you on the internet
and I really like your work. Especially the Xtreme Xpressions I. They
really reminded me of Van Goghs work and I love him. I just wanted to know
if you would allow me to do my presentation on you and use your work for my
slide show. I would really appreciate it and I really admire what you are
doing. If you could write me back and tell me that would be great.

I'm a sophomore at Washington College in Chestertown, MD. For my coputer aided design class, our assignment is to find a digital artist that we like and mimic one of their works. I was wondering if it would be alright if I used your blue self portrait #2. Also, I was wondering if you have any steps or technical instructions as to how you did it? Thank you very much and I look forward ot hearing from you.

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I would like to request permission to your dramatic monologue, "Heading
South," for my high school Speech & Drama class. Is this acceptable to
you? Thank you for your time, and the effort you spent providing your
site for people like me.

I have read the monologues on your site, and I especially like the last two. I
have to perform a monologue for my drama class (I'm a junior in high school),
and I would appreciate your permission in performing one of these two. I'm not
sure which yet because I really like them both...But it would probably be "All
My Tomorrows."

I have read over your monologues and I would like your permission to perform one of them for a class that I am taking at school. I would like to perform ALL MY TOMORROWS and of course your name will be included when I submit the work. My professor must read over the monologue before I am able to present it to the class. If you do not agree with this, please let me know, however, I will not perform anything of yours without your permission. Thank-you for your time.

I was searching a monologue to use in
a competion for my shcool of drama at the Estelle and Alfonso Complex in
Fishkill, N.Y., when I saw you site for Dramatic Monologues on the
Internet. I was wondering if I may use your monologues If a Plane
Crashed on the U.S. -Canadian Border Where Would They Bury the Survivors
or Chester Maddox You Devil in the competition they are both great
monologues and would be greatly appreciated.

I would like to get written permission to perform GHOST PLAY for school.

I am a student in High School. I am still not a professional actor
supposidly. I mainly try for the school plays. I have been told that you
should always have a several monologues prepared, dramatic, comedic etc. I
Love your monologues and would like permission to use them in auditions.
Please reply if you need more
specific information such as the exact monolouge I need to use and such.
Thank you for your time and your great site, with inspiring monologues.
A great fan and struggling actor

thank you for giving me permission to perform your monologue beach music for my a-level theatre studies class. i was wondering if you could send me information about where you get ideas for your monologues from and a bit about yourself. i need to do a two minute presentation about where my monologue is from and why the character feels like they do.


In my grade 11 Drama class, we have been asked to recite a dramatic monologue. I found your web site, and IF A PLANE CRASHED EXACTLY ON THE US-CANADIAN BORDER, WHERE WOULD THEY BURY THE SURVIVORS? caught my eye. I was wondering if I could have your permission to use it for my drama class. If I could have a response from you before November '99, I would be very thankful.

I am a junior at Greenville High School in
Greenville, TX. I have been looking for monologues to try out for the
upcoming school musical "Our Town". I have looked everywhere for a decent
monologue to perform, and I finally found one on your site "Dramatic
Monologues by Rick Doble". I chose #7, ALL MY TOMORROWS. I hope I perform
it to the fullest extent and don't mess it up. Thank you again for the

I am writing to request permission to perform your monologue "Beach Music" for a high school Thespian competition in Seattle on December 11, 1999.

I am a young high school actress. I was
searching for a dramatic monologue to use in competition when I stumbled upon
your site. I was thrilled to see that you would allow anyone to perform your
fantastic works if only they requested permission. So, I would like to ask
for that permission. May I please perform your pieces? I would greatly
appreciate it. Thank you so much!

We are an elementary school computer class studying Snowflake Bentley.
Can you tell us how you made your slide show usig his images?

Hello, I am a student at Hinesburg Elementary School and I am
in the 7 grade. We had to choose a person or topic to study for a MAJOR
research project. I just happened to pick Wilson A. Bentley also known as
"Snowflake" Bentley, and have to get information sent to me as one resource.
I have recently visited his house, and the Jericho Meuseum and they do not
have any information that they could send m. If there is ANYTHING you can
send me, even if it is off the internet and you just happened to come across
it. I have visited many of the site you have, but although that is not a

I am in Drama 1 at Laramie Senior High School. For our final this year, we have to have a 20 minute performance of three or more monologues. I have looked at your monologes, and I would like to perform "All My Tomorrows" and "If A Plane Crashed..."

I am currently writing to ask permission of you to perform the writtten piece, "Beach Music". I am required to perform a short monologue in my high school Theatre 7-8 class this fall. I found your piece to be very intriguing and it hit home for me. I can relate to many things stated in this monologue, and I feel I could do justice to the written work. I have been acting for about 4 years now, and would love if you would allow me to perform "Beach Music". Thank You very much for your time, and I hope to hear from you soon.

Hello, I was wondering if I could have you permission to use your, Beach
Music, as an Dramatic Interpretation for my school debate team!!
Thank you very much!!!!!!!

i think the monologues that i have read from you are
just great. i would wish to use one of them in
district competition if you didn't mind. also i need
to know if you published them. i'd really appreciate

I am a highschool student, Grade 12 presently. I was
browsing your website and was wondering if I may use your Ghost Play in
class. I read through it all and found it very intriguing. It will only be
used as a presentation as I must do one performance of a play. I would
aprreciate it if you would allow me to use your play.

I am in the tenth grade at Murphy High School In
Mobile, Alabama. I writing to you to request that you will allow me to use
one of two monologues that you have written. I have selected "Beach Music"
and "All of my Tomorrows." I will be performing one of them in the State
Trabaum Competition on November 2, 2000

I am writing to tell you that I will be using your two plays, listed
in the title, for my drama 2 class. Thank you very much for the use of
your scripts.

I am a High School senior, I found your website and i really enjoy your monologues Especially "All My Tommorows", we are doing a monologue and dialogue showcase, and i would like to use this monologue. I have been working on the blocking etc, and character.

thankyou very much for your agreeance for me to use your amazing script. i will do as you requested and state your name and where i received it from.

Thank you for allowing me the use of your wonderful picture. I know my
report will be great! Thanks again.

I am a homeschooler. I am doing a report on
snowflakes and would like permission to print a few of your beautiful
pictures. I am 9 years old and I will be presenting my report in a project
called "The Great Brain Day". Thank You.

My daughter would like to use some of your pictures for a science fair project this weekend with your permission.

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Congratulations on your work. I am seeking permission to use portions
of "Beach Music" for a grade 11 monologue assignment.

Jacob Hespeler Secondary School
Cambridge, Ont. Canada


I am writing to you in regard to one of the monologues which you have on the internet called "All my tomorrows." I am a year 11 Drama student in Australia and have been given the task to choose and perform a monologue to be assessed on as a part of my senior high school studies. I am writing to obtain your permission to use this monologue for my assessment. I am aware that there are copyright laws placed on all of your work.


Hello from Ontario
I am a drama instructor would like your permission to use your script
for our drama class, during scene studies. This will not be performed
for a fee, however this is a wonderful script and I feel this would
benefit our curriculum. If we recevie your permission I will gladly
e-mail you and keep you posted of our progress.
Thank You


I would very much like to use one of your monologues in a recital in class. I
would like to act duplicity. Please could you give me confirmation that this
would be all right. I live in the United Kingdom would this be a problem for


May I please have permission to use your monologue in my acting assesment at Witwatersrand University, South Africa



I am in grade 12, and I turned 17 on the 20th of this month. I was asked by my school to fined a 1act play.

I found this task, IMPOSSIBLE, antill I read your play. I would like to have your permission to use this play.

I thank you for your time.

( all the way from sunny South Africa )


I am an Australian Drama student who needs to perform a dramatic monologue as part of senior assessment. I am interested in the thoughts and emotions of people affected by war, and had planned to write my own monologue but am having trouble with it. I got onto this site and was looking through your monologues and liked the angle of 4. Inavasion. It said to contact you at this email address if I was interested. Please get back to me a.s.a.p. It would be much appreciated.


I am a Year 12 student from Australia that chose Drama as an elective.
The purpose of this e-mail is to seek your written consent for me to perform your work "The Lime Light" which i happened to come across and enjoy immensley, for my final drama examination. i would love to perform this piece as it is so me and such a character i could portray, the only thing is that due to its length i would need to add to it in order allow it fulfill the time frame given (6 - 8 minutes). Your approval of this would be much obliged. Also if you have any suggestions i could add to it would be only happy to hear them. The ideas i have come up with so far is to incorporate a drug addiction after the section where he talks about his marriage breakup and his characters depression. i feel i could make this work as i am an able writer. if you would like i could send you a copy of what i have written so you could proof read it as i need all the help i can get. your approval would be most desired.


I'm a High School Drama teacher in NSW Australia. My year 10 (15-16 years
olds) drama class is about to do an extension unit on monologue
performance, with a view to presenting them in class for assessment but
also towards the end of the year in a class revue of the work they have
completed this year. This would be presented to an audience of family and
invited friends, I do not envisage charging an admission.

I would like to get your permission to use four of your monologues ("The
Lime Light", "Invasion", "If a plane crashed exactly on the US-Canadian
border, where would they bury the survivors?" and "All my tomorrows".)

Each one is challenging and presents such a lot of material for the
students to work with.


I am currently developing an exhibit for educational use with children for Camp Kawarthas Outdoor Education Centre in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada. Part of the exhibit deals with looking at snowflakes and their differebt qualities. Your pictures would be perfect for the display. Would it be possible to use your images if I credited them in the display? I would greatly appreciate it and i know that the children would benefit also.


I teach Visual Arts at North Middlesex District High School in Parkhill, Ontario. My question is: Would you be interested in talking - by e-mail with some students that are taking a grade 11 Non-Traditional Art course. They are learning to use technology as art tools.



I enjoyed visiting your site ... good stuff ... and thought you might like to take a look at my Artist In Residency work at

and my website:

Take care.

Chung-ju, South Korea


Greetings Rick from Beijing: I am the Senior School Art Teacher at BISS Int. School in Beijing. I have just stumbled across your web site whilst looking for source material for my IB students next project. Their media is mixed with a push in the direction of photo-montage and collage. Your web site (apart from being very interesting in it's own right) is a perfect starting point for my people. We have a fuji MX1200 (i million pixels) to play with and a newly built darkroom. I hope you think it's ok that I print off your pages as an inspirational prompt. Maybe my students could send their end results to you for opinion? I know you say you are open to working with students and I believe you but do you have the time to spare for mine? I would be a very happy man if you said yes! I have attached a digital from one of last years graduates to wet your appetitie. Thanks for the gee up your site has given me.


I am a teacher in Germany. My class now is dealing with short stories.
Some years ago I
did a project called "Ask a writer in the USA". I made some pages about

Direct question: would it be possible for you to spend some time in
doing a project like that with us ?

Please give us a soon reply, even if it is a negative one.

Thanks in advance

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In the history of photography there have always been artsits who saw their photographic works as derived more from painting than from photography. Looked at technically, photography is today part and parcel of the computer-network media, a point of intersection for diffferent in-put and out-put processes. Photography is providing to be a transitional medium, an interface between analogue and digital media. The evolving relationship between analogue to digital photography has generated significant changes in the social, technological dimensions of the photographic medium. 1. Do you think digital photography is going to completely replace analogue photography? agree/disagree? Why? 2. Could someone please tell me what's digital photography & analogue photography in few sentences? How would you define digital photography and analogue photography from your understanding/point of view? 3.Is an image brought about by means of computer and electronic technology radically different from an image taken by a lens and projected onto a film? 4. Does digital image processing force us to re-evaluate such fundamental concepts as realism or representation? 5. Is the referential character of photography cancelled out when the computer is used not only as a digital photographic laboratory but also to simulate photographic images? 6. Do you think it is possible that digital photography will be replaced by some other form of techonlogy in the future? That means we have to find other ways to restore the film/negatives/slides that we save in disc, CD...etc. 7.I am more than happy if anyone would like to contribute their options on the current relationship between analogue and digital photography, or suggest me any resources to undergo the research. I know so little about digital photography and analogue photography. I would like to know more. 8. Photography has been an effective medium in its truthful representaion of indigenous people/other cultures. Agree/Disagree? Why? A millions thanks and appreciation!

The reason I am contacting you is I hope you will assist me with my thesis. The subject I am covering is the use of computers as a tool/medium to create Fine Art. Would you please take a moment to fill out the questionnaire and e-mail it back to me.
Tell me about yourself. (Artist statement, shows, awards, education, personal philosophy, etc.)
1. Do you agree/disagree with the idea that there are no new ideas and all art is derived from past movements and artists? Why? 2. In any medium, what contemporary artist(s) do you admire? What is it about this artist(s) that attracts you to their work and/or philosophy? 3. If any, what "classical" artist(s) has helped in spawning your personnel way of expression? How and why? If alive today, in your opinion, would this artist support computers as a medium? 4. As opposed to artists who use paint, clay, and other traditional mediums, there is a lack of tactile participation with the artist who uses a computer. Do you feel this takes away from computer created imagery being accepted as "fine art"? Explain. 5. Do you believe that the tool/medium chosen by an artist is important or unimportant? Why?
6. In your opinion, why, like photography, is the public hard and slow to accept computer created images as fine/higher art? What can be done to change this? 7. What is your opinion about the future of Digital Art?
8. With your experiences, what are the disadvantages to computer created fine art imagery?
9. If applicable, what medium did you work with before choosing computers to create your imagery? In relation to your work, why did you switch and explain the pros and cons of both. If you can think of any other artist, research avenues, personnel opinions that may help, please share. On a personnel note: I am graduating this May with a degree in Fine Art Photography. If you could please offer any advice, ideas, wisdom, contacts, etc. on how to make a living using my expertise in creating digital/photographic images, either in the commercial and/or art world, I would greatly appreciate your extra input. I know you are busy, however I thank you for taking the time to help with my research. Please keep my contact information, and if I can do anything in return, do not hesitate to ask either now or in the future. Look forward to hearing from you and using your respones.
Las Vegas, NV

One of my geometry students brought in a picture of your snowflakes as an example of a fractal. Is it a fractal image?


Here is a dictionary definition of fractal:

frac·tal n. A geometric pattern that is repeated at ever smaller scales to produce irregular shapes and surfaces that cannot be represented by classical geometry. Fractals are used especially in computer modeling of irregular patterns and structures in nature.

Although I am not an expert, I think the answer is this: Snowflakes are fractal like. Just as clouds and broccoli are fractal like. However, they are natural.

Fractals are artificial creations of a sophisticated geometry which produce organic looking patterns.

However, as some wise person said, the map is not the territory. By this I mean, it is important to not confuse what is natural with what is a creation of humans, no matter how beautiful and profound.

This distinction would be a very good one to discuss in your class.



I got your mail. Thank you very much for
your concern and for your precious time spent for me.
I have Theory examination until 24th Dec. This is the
reason I couldn't get to you sooner. The web site you
have given me is really useful. Soon I will make my
work as GIF animation and I will show you as early as
possible. Yesterday I looked up some of your gif
animation based on your portrait with camera rotation
(xselfxtreme10) .In this you have experimented with
texture by applying filter(may be Adobe Photoshop
filters) It looks like an impressionist (Degas) style
of oil color(Ex:xselfxtreme1,2&3). This was a good
Herewith I attach photography of my latest work for
your suggestions and advices
It is a sculpture, made out of transparent
fiberglasses with the height of six feet. The form and
style I used, flows in all my latest paintings and
collages. This is also a trial of motion in sculpture.
Once again thank you very much for your concern and
Eagerly awaiting for your reply,


I was happy to see your mail and was
fascinated by all your works in your website. They are
really experimental and show your hard work and
creativity. I got lot of information and ideas. I am
so glad to get an experienced person with a same
intention like me.
I like the Night driving experiments,
which deals with light and darkness and the animation
of self-portrait. Your works remind me of Muybridge's
photography sequence. He did motion on human body and
animals. You have captured the sequences of today's
world and the future. Your article "THOUGHTS ABOUT THE
FUTURE OF ART IN THE 21st CENTURY" is useful. Before
showing my work I would like to tell you about my
intention, desire and myself.
When I was studying BFA, I concentrated in Portrait
and landscape painting, gradually I changed into
abstract cubism. Meanwhile I switched to 3D animation
and worked as a graphic designer and animator for one
and half year. Again I joined the same college for MFA
painting, my intension has then changed .I try to
combine and merge painting and animation.
Unfortunately, here my faculties do not appreciate it.
They did not accept my project first, for they
consider animation not as an art, but as a commercial
one, finally they accepted my Project after I changed
the title 'motion' instead of 'animation'
Previous title: Abstract animation;
Changed title: Representation of motion in visual art.
I showed them the experiments from Futurist, dynamic
art and Muybridge's works. What I am doing is
revolution in my art society. I believe 'motion in
art' will be the most exciting and interesting to the
world of the future. I like to give motion to Charcoal
Portrait drawing, abstract oil Painting, Installation,
collage works and etching prints by capturing every
development or angles. I also like to do light and
shadow motion illusion. I have done a collage
animation depicting a big fish swallow a little fish,
It is an abstract set up, fishes made of cigarette box
cover and my second work is a relief motion sculpture-
a speaking portrait. I don't have any web site to
show you my work. I'll try to show you as early as
Now I am using still camera (NIKON 501) for capturing
the motion sequence then I scan it and compile it in
Adobe Premier as AVI format. I don't know GIF
animation; soon I will learn it. Let me know any
method you are following, to capture motion. I need
your technical support and advices. One more problem I
have is, my project should be in book form, and so I
am planning to show my work as flipbooks. Funny that
Futurist too were struck in presentation, like I do
now. Finally they overlapped a series of images in a
single painting (Ex: Dutchamp"s Nude descending from
the staircase). Let me know any historical evidence,
where motion has been tried in visual art.
Once again I thank you for all your concern, advices
and suggestions
Awaiting for your reply,


I am studying MFA
(Painting) Final year in India and I am doing
freelance 3D animation for media industries.I saw your
web site .It is really useful and I need your advice
and suggestion for my project work.
Sir, I like to do a project
"Representation of motion in visual art" for my MFA
painting course in India .In this project I like to
mix and merge the visual art (Painting and sculpture)
and animation to produce an interesting medium and I
would like to show the possibilities of showing motion
in visual art. For this I need the guidance and
advices. I have done few collages, assemblage and clay
animation by capturing every motion in still camera
and I compiled it in computer (Adobe premier). Thesis
should be in book form and it should not be in CD or
Cassette. So I need a person to discuss about it.
This dissertation focuses on the impulse to depict
motion in the visual arts of Painting and sculpture.
Historically there has always been a desire to show
movement through visual means, which reached its peak
during the modern era - a period of industrialization
and urbanization. In this study I will concentrate on
20th century artists who dealt with this problem, like
the futurist, constructionism, etc, and also
Dutchamp's - nude descending, who celebrated
modernization, its mechanical innovation and the speed
of modern life. I will also touch photography -
Muybridge sequential photographs of people in motion
and the emergence of film. Finally I will add my
works, which are experiments related to motion in
visual art.

Please let me know any Website related to my project


Here are some answers to your questions:

At 10:25 PM 4/17/00 -0400, you wrote:
>It's me again and I am working on my paper and i just needed to ask you
>a few questions that i couldn't find in the articles and things that you

>1.How did you get interested in digital photography besides the fact that
>you can take self portraits and see them, and that you see the the "real
>time"? Did someone introduce you to it or where you just curious?

I have been working with computers since 1983 and was hoping that at some point photography and computers could merge. Digital photography allows me to grow and experiment and expand in ways that are impossible with regular photography. I have been a photographer since 1969. If you go to this page:
you will see the transition I made from drawing and painting to photography in my 20s.
Go to this general page for the full story up to about a year ago:
It is divided into time periods so the next page after the one above shows my work as a professional photographer.

>2.What programs did you write to help you in the photographic
>process?Especially the one for "Women in Motion" exhibit.
I wrote several programs for the "Woman In Motion" series. The most important one translated the file format of the video capture software to the file format for the paint program I was using (this was all with a Radio Shack Color Computer {called the CoCo} starting in 1987). That is I used a video camera to photograph the black and white Muybridge pictures which then were captured by the computer and a very odd piece of software. Then I translated the odd file format of the capture software to a standard format for the paint program. This simply did not exist for the computer I was using. I also wrote a program that let me manage the files (view, sort, copy. batch copy, rename, rename in series, delete) and one that let me try out a number of saved palettes on one picture and would also generate random palettes just to see what might happen. Usually I would try all my regular palettes from other pictures first on a newly captured b&w Muybridge picture, then I would tweak it into a new palette.

>3. My favorite peices are the Xtreme Xpressions-Did you use a paint program
>on that and which one? Are the carnival lights just images you shot-no
>manipulation; also the blinds?
I did not use a paint program for any of these. When I download the pictures from the Casio I use a program called QV-AutoCam. One of its simple controls is a setting that will expand a photograph to a full range. These photographs were so dark when I took them they almost looked like nothing was there when you looked at the LCD display at the back of the camera. But I knew from my photography that some of the most interesting effects are at the extreme ends of the exposure range. When I had the software do a simple expand to a full tonal range of color, this is what I got. Which I know seems unlikely but that is what happened. I came across this effect by accident when I underexposed a picture by accident and then used the expand tonal range feature just to get a bit more detail. The carnival pictures were taken in one hour! That's all the time I had because they shut down the carnival after that. I wanted a blurred picture to show motion but I wasn't getting enough of a blur so I started moving the camera myself and after an hour I had learned how to get these effects. (Try doing that with traditional film.) I did no manipulation on the binds either, other than to expand the tonal range. BTW these don't look much different that they looked when I took them. I was guessing that the digital camera would exaggerate the neon light which it did. (Just about every photographic process will exaggrerate certain wavelengths or colors.)

>4. Do you prefer digital over standard photography?
YES, YES, and YES. I love photography of all kinds, but I have spent much too much time in the darkroom and developing negatives and making contact sheets. I love the immediate feedback of digital. I love putting an exhibit on the Internet in a few days and for a few dollars that is seen by thousands of people world wide, instead of working for months, spending about a thousand dollars to hang framed prints that are only seen by a few hundred people.

>5.Do all of your works come from a certain artist or photographer that you
>truly like -I know where the xtreme ones came form and the women in motion
>but are any others influenced by anyone?
No, not at all. As you saw from the influences list, I reflect the work of a lot people in my work. I would like to think that my mixture is original and that what I see has my own particular vision. My visual work is often influenced by non-visual artists such as poets (T.S. Eliot's pieced of paper being blown down dirty city streets --- BTW not unlike the plastic bag that danced for half an hour in the movie American Beauty). Or it is influenced by thinkers. My repeating animations were influenced by Einstein; they are an attempt to make a state of being in which time is a dimension as well as space. See the notes on the animation page. My point of reference in art and photography is from about 1880 to the present. I am less influenced by "classical" art (e.g. 1400-1880) although the art of the Greeks, cavemen and primitives peoples is important to me.

>6.Are any of these peices serving a purpose other than just pure art; or are
>any of them used commercailly? Besides galleries
They are basically pure art although I have had four ezine covers on PIF magazine the largest Internet magazine for literary works (and they even paid me) . Schools love the snowflakes and have used them in classrooms and in instructional material, even a college course used them.

Here are the covers:
Pif magazine
Starting Point for the Literary e-Press TM

BTW no one knows where all this is headed. Which means it is just that much more fun to work with. And who knows down the road I could design a CD or website for art schools and students???

>I think that is all i have to ask i hope I am not a pain asking you all
>thiese things but i thought they would be important for my presentation and
NO, you are not a pain, but a good student and, of course, I appreciate that you like my art enough that you are doing all this work. So feel free to ask away.


>P.s. I have watched AMP every since it started and have taped every single
>one-I just thought that it was interesting that you had that as one of your
>influences because it is truly awesome/


These are the questions my students may ask you: What do you like about the
work you do, How is it different from traditional photography or ... What
advice would you give to young artists? What have other artists inflluenced
or helped you? How much does your work sell for etc

Right now i am on a educational leave and am taking a university course that
deals with the soical aspects of the net. I am comparing the virtual gallery
to the real galleries. How are they different and simialr. That is howI came
across your site. I was looking for material for my assignment. Thanks for
your time

Visual Arts teacher,
North Middlesex District High School
Parkhill, Ontario, Canada

Dear Rick, I am a student of fine Art at the Surrey Institute of art and design. I am about to be in my final year and have started researching for my disertation. I havent yet given myself a question , though these are posibilities.:- Is computer art an extention to Photomontage? In tracing the origins of computerart does this give us an idea of how it will develope?
Where does manipulaation art come from and where is it going?
I would be most gratfull of any information you might have that could help me.
Your point of view would be of great help.
Many thanks
I look forward to hearing from .

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