Self Portraits Under Neon Light

Digital photography self portraits online
These digital photographs were taken with a
Sony FD73 and Sony CD100 and a Casio QV-770 digital camera

by Rick Doble

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This is part of an ongoing series of self portraits.
Self portraits are a traditional subject for painting and now photography.
Prior to the digital process they were very hard to take with a camera.
I use myself as a subject because I am always available and don't argue too much.
Besides who else would let me take ugly portraits under neon light?

See this online site about self-portraits throughout the history of art.
My site is included as one of the links.

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Thoughts about Art in the 21st Century

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000903079.JPG 010507112.jpg 000903078.JPG
981230121.JPG 981230107.JPG 981230111.JPG
990619127.JPG 981230120.JPG 981230128.JPG
000924052.JPG 000820085.JPG 000820003.JPG
000820039.JPG 15Jun9886.JPG  


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