digital photography self portraits
by Rick Doble

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-- 66 images --
Computer enhanced images
from candid digital photographs of shadows
self portraits -- an online exhibit of computer graphics
These digital photographs were taken with a
Sony FD73 and Sony CD100 and a Casio QV-770 digital camera

Plus a prose poem with narration.

The Shadows We Live With

Click here to hear this prose poem
read by the author, Rick Doble.

We live with shadows all our lives,
yet we rarely see them.
They are odd, distorted,
disfigured shapes that fold
around the solid world -
a world to themselves.

We know that we change
the memories of our dreams
to be more logical,
more like waking life.
Shadows are the same.

We want to make them clearer,
the outlines more like what we know.

But it is not
like in the movies.
when you have a moment
look at your shadows
as you go
from a lighted area
to darkness.

Look at them as they move,
as they remain still,
as they mold themselves
to the tables and rugs and doors
you live with.
Look at them
for what they are.

Click here to hear this prose poem
read by the author, Rick Doble.

This is part of an ongoing series of digital imaging essays about the ordinary world.
I will be adding more such exhibits as time permits.

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Thoughts about Art in the 21st Century

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Single Figures

1grpshadow1_014.jpg 1grpshadow1_013.jpg 1grpshadow1_001.jpg
1grpshadow1_004.jpg 1grpshadow1_005.jpg 1grpshadow1_011.jpg
1grpshadow1_012.jpg 1grpshadow1_006.jpg 1grpshadow1_008.jpg
1grpshadow1_010.jpg 1grpshadow1_015.jpg 1grpshadow1_016.jpg
1grpshadow1_009.jpg 1grpshadow1_007.jpg 1grpshadow1_007a.jpg
1grpshadow1_017.jpg 1grpshadow1_018.jpg 1grpshadow1_019.jpg

Two Figures

2grpshadow2_000.jpg 2grpshadow2_000a.jpg 2grpshadow2_006.jpg
2grpshadow2_001.jpg 2grpshadow2_002.jpg 2grpshadow2_003.jpg
2grpshadow2_004.jpg 2grpshadow2_005.jpg 2grpshadow2_012.jpg
2grpshadow2_010.jpg 2grpshadow2_011.jpg 2grpshadow2_014.jpg
2grpshadow2_015.jpg 2grpshadow2_013.jpg 2grpshadow2_007.jpg

Three or More Figures

3grpshadow3_002.jpg 3grpshadow3_003.jpg 3grpshadow3_004.jpg
3grpshadow3_006.jpg 3grpshadow3_007.jpg 3grpshadow3_008.jpg
3grpshadow3_009.jpg 3grpshadow3_010.jpg 3grpshadow3_011.jpg
3grpshadow3_012.jpg 3grpshadow3_014.jpg 3grpshadow3_015.jpg
3grpshadow3_017.jpg 3grpshadow3_018.jpg 3grpshadow3_018a.jpg
3grpshadow3_019.jpg 3grpshadow3_019a.jpg 3grpshadow3_020.jpg
3grpshadow3_021.jpg 3grpshadow3_022.jpg 3grpshadow3_023.jpg

The Same Image Processed
in Different Ways
----- Image One -----

grpshadowseries_001.jpg grpshadowseries_002.jpg grpshadowseries_003.jpg
grpshadowseries_004.jpg grpshadowseries_005.jpg grpshadowseries_006.jpg

----- Image Two -----

grpshadowseries_007.jpg grpshadowseries_008.jpg grpshadowseries_009.jpg
grpshadowseries_010.jpg grpshadowseries_011.jpg grpshadowseries_012.jpg

How These Images Were Made

All of these figures were derived from digital photographs of real shadows of people standing on concrete pavement at an amusement center. The shadows were created by two very bright area lights which produced a double and overlapping effect. By processing the entire image in Paint Shop Pro (V.6), I was able to bring out colors, outlines and enhanced detail. Naturally I had to crop a number of these. But I did not use a paint brush, eraser, or add any lines or areas. In other words I worked on the whole image, not parts.
Look at the two images below.
The one on the left is the original photograph;
the one on the right the computer enhanced image.


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