photographs of landscapes and figures around dusk
--digital photography online--

These digital photographs were taken with a
Sony FD73 and Sony CD100 and a Casio QV-770 digital camera

by Rick Doble

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Heavenly shades of night are falling ...
When purple-colored curtains mark the end of day...
Deepening shadows gather splendor as day is done...
Fingers of night will soon surrender the setting sun...

(From Twilight Time by the Platters)

Twilight has such magical qualities I wanted to see if it could actually be photographed. As a photographer I know that beauty I see cannot always be recorded on film.

Twilight presents special problems such as low light and low color saturation. I tested the absolute limit of digital photography with the darkest of these images. While I needed to enhance most photographs with software because of the low light conditions, I did not do a lot of correcting except in the case of the last several photographs of lights at night. These provided such intricate patterns I wanted to bring out as much as I could. In any case, the background patterns you see are what are naturally recorded on digital "film" only enhanced.

Dictionary Definition (American Heritage Dictionary):
twi·light (twº“lºt”) n.
1.a. The diffused light from the sky during the early evening or early morning when the sun is below the horizon and its light is refracted by the earth's atmosphere.
b. The time of the day when the sun is just below the horizon, especially the period between sunset and dark.
2. Dim or diffused illumination.
3. A period or condition of decline following growth, glory, or success.
4. A state of ambiguity or obscurity. --attributive. Often used to modify another noun.

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Twilight Time - digital photographs by Rick Doble.
1twilight_land01.JPG 1twilight_land02.jpg 1twilight_land03.jpg 1twilight_land04.jpg
1twilight_land05.jpg 1twilight_land06.jpg 1twilight_land07.jpg 1twilight_land08.jpg
1twilight_land09.jpg 1twilight_land10.jpg 1twilight_land11.jpg 1twilight_land13.jpg
2twilight_ferry01.jpg 2twilight_ferry02.jpg 2twilight_ferry03.jpg 2twilight_ferry04.jpg
3twilight_people01a.jpg 3twilight_people02.jpg 3twilight_people03.jpg 3twilight_people04.jpg
4twilight_gas03.jpg 4twilight_gas05.jpg 4twilight_gas04.jpg 4twilight_gas07.jpg
4twilight_gas06.jpg 4twilight_gas08.jpg 4twilight_gas01.JPG 4twilight_gas02.JPG
5twilight_self01.jpg 5twilight_self02.jpg 5twilight_self03.jpg 5twilight_self04.jpg
8twilight_night01.jpg 8twilight_night02.jpg 8twilight_night03.jpg 8twilight_night04.jpg
8ztwilight_lights01.jpg 8ztwilight_lights02.jpg 8ztwilight_lights03.jpg 8ztwilight_lights04.jpg
9twilight_abstract03.jpg 9twilight_abstract04.jpg 9twilight_abstract05.jpg 9twilight_abstract06.jpg
9twilight_abstract07.jpg 9twilight_abstract08.jpg 9twilight_abstract09.jpg 9twilight_abstract10.jpg

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