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The Beginning of Civilization

letter-w.gif (1734 bytes)hen Humans were able to grow lots of food,
some of them did not need to work with the crops.
The smartest of these Humans began to work in different ways.

Astronomers studied the Sun, and the moon, and the stars
to learn the best times to grow plants,
so that Humans could grow even more food.

Others worked together to cut down trees
so they could make large ships,
or they worked together to cut stone
so they could design and build cities
for hundreds of thousands of people.

Artists created stories and music and songs.
And people acted out these stories and songs
in front of thousands from their city.

And still others invented ways to write down
the words they had been speaking
(written words just like you see here),
so that many people could read what they wrote
and so that their great, great, grandchildren
could read what they had learned.

They wrote these things even though they knew
they would never know their great, great, grandchildren.

They wrote hundreds, then thousands of books.
Books that you can read today,
written by Humans who lived long ago.
Books that Humans wrote so we can learn from their lives.

And to this day Humans are still writing words and stories
which they hope their great, great, grandchildren will read.
Such as these words you are reading right now,
this story about "The Beginning Of Time".


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