Christmas lights, Christmas trees, ornaments, star of Bethlehem, angels, lighted figurines
digital photographs
by Rick Doble
These digital photographs were taken with a
Sony FD73 and Sony CD100 and a Casio QV-770 digital camera

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Now with over 100 original digital images.
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Humans have been lighting lamps
at the darkest time of the year for all of recorded time.

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Largest exhibit and sharpest night pictures yet
NEW: Christmas Figures & Lights for 2002
--54 photos--

Christmas Lights for 2001
--21 photos--

Angel and folk art
in a yard.
--20 photos--

Buildings and trees
outlined in light.
--12 photos--

Huge country installation
covering a house and field.
--20 photos--

Various displays
that I happened across.
--30 photos--

Christmas lights are a true art form. They are probably older than civilization since they have been created at the time of the winter solstice, the darkest time of the year. This urge to fill our world with light when the sun wanes is an ancient one.

Now that outsider art and folk art is getting some of the attention it deserves, I would hope that people can look at Christmas light art with a new eye. Carefully constructed worlds such as the annual angel light display in Morehead City, NC are well thought out and as intricate and beautiful as Indian bead work or aboriginal paintings.

And this art is done for the right reasons: not to make money or be famous but to express a deep personal, cultural and human emotions. I took pictures of expensive homes on the water covered in lights along with small old trailers. It is an art form that cuts across social barriers.

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