Portrait of the artist, ages 5, 16, 23, 50
Portrait of the artist
ages 5, 16, 23, 50.

Brief Resume of Author Rick Doble
with Emphasis on Writing Background

   1.  Non-fiction book published: "How To Get  the 
 Best  Buys;  The Bargain Hunters  Guide  to  Food, 
 Clothes, Utilities and Health Care," published  by 
 Globe  Communications, 1997. Over  500,000  copies 
 were distributed nationwide. Second book published 
 by Globe in the fall of 1997.
   2.   Editor   &   Publisher:   $avvy   Discount$ 
 Newsletter,  a national  money-saving  newsletter, 
 Smyrna, NC, 1994 - present.
   3.  Poems  published 1969-1995 in  small  poetry 
   4.  Taught  journalism  and  creative   writing: 
 Carteret  Community  College  and  Carteret   Arts 
 Council, Morehead City, NC, 1991-1994.
   5.  Collections of short-short stories,  essays, 
 and haiku poetry written, plus a one-act play  and 
 a children's story, 1987-1991.
   6.  Wrote, directed and produced  14  multimedia 
 presentations    (generally    slide-tape    shows 
 including   4  multi-screen   slide-tape   shows), 
 Durham, NC, 1972-1980.
   7.  Photography columnist/reviewer:  Durham,  NC 
   8.  4  short  movie scripts  and  1  short  play 
 written, 1965-1975.
   9.  Master  of  Arts in  Communications,  UNC  - 
 Chapel Hill, NC, 1975.
    a) Master's Thesis: full length movie script.
   10.  B.A.in English, with an Honors in  Writing, 
 UNC - Chapel Hill, NC, 1966.

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