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Recently Published Haiku Poetry
with spoken narration
These poems were published in black bough,
a magazine of haiku poetry

A Children's Story
The Beginning of Time
A multi-media story about the beginnings
of the universe and human beings.
It includes complete narration.

Interviews With Kirk Elbod
A series of essays about art, history, and meaning
in the late 20th Century in the U.S.A.
They are in the form of interviews
with a fictitious, rebellious, shadowy figure,
Kirk Elbod.
These substantial interviews are not for the timid or faint hearted. If you would like some thoughtful answers to fundamental questions instead of talk-show babble, you may find that these will satisfy your hunger.

Dramatic Works
A play with music in one act.
The play is a modern-ancient drama
about dreams, memories and ambition.
Plus dramatic monologues about the experience of love
at different ages.
Non-profit, educational groups,
and students may perform these works without paying a fee
as long as they obtain written permission.

Short-Short Stories
This section includes a cycle of love stories
describing the experience of love
from youth to old age.
These tales are told mostly in first person
by very different men and women.

Thoughts About Art
in the 21st Century
A working outline.

Background Information
about author Rick Doble

Woman in Motion
Visit my on line display of digital images -
pictures from a museum exhibit.

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