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The Beginning of Life

letter-a.gif (1689 bytes)t first the Earth
was full of water,
and lightning,
and a sour smelling wind.
There was nothing alive anywhere.
Not in the oceans,
or on the land,
on in the air.

But when lightning came out of the sky
and hit the oceans, again and again,
a strange thing began to happen.
Tiny plants started to live.
The plants were very, very small -
smaller than a grain of sand.
But they were alive
and they were the first things to ever be alive.

And each plant had children,
and their children had children
and so on for a long time.

And just as you look different
from your parents
and your parents look different
from your grandparents
so each child of these plants
changed a little bit.

After a very long time,
some of the children
of these tiny plants
turned into larger plants
which grew in the sand in the ocean.

And some of the the children
of these plants started to
grow on the land instead of in the water.

And some of the children of the tiny plants
started to swim and became fish.

And some of the children of fish
came out of the water
and went on to the land for a short while.

And some of their children became lizards
who could walk and live on the land.

And some of the children of the lizards
began to fly and turned into birds.

And other children of lizards
turned into animals with fur.

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