-- Chapter 6 - Part I --


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Leaving the Forest


letter-b.gif (1697 bytes)ut over the years
the sounds the Fawlits made
became more complicated.
Soon they could make hundreds of sounds.
And they could combine different sounds
to say many things.

And when this happened
the Fawlits began to speak in words,
words just like you and I speak today.

But something else happened as well -
the Fawlits realized that they had an imagination.
They could see pictures in their minds
and talk about the pictures they saw.

They could remember
things they had done in the past,
even though it was long ago.
And they could talk about these memories
with other Fawlits
and their children could learn
from their parent's memories.

And they could do even more.
They could imagine the future;
picture things they wanted to do,
things they wanted to change.
And the Fawlits could imagine things
that they would never know,
such as what the Earth might be like
when their great, great, grandchildren would be alive.

And about the same time
the Fawlits started speaking in words,
they came out of the trees and lived on the ground.
And they began to make tools with their hands,
tools like spears, and knives.

Their lives changed a lot
from the time when they lived in the trees.
And now the Fawlits knew
they were very different from all the other animals.

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THE BEGINNING OF TIME -- Chapter 6, Part I 


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