The Kirk Elbod Interviews

Greek Boat

The complete set of interviews is now on the web.
There are eight interviews with two parts to each.

If you have never read these before,
please read the introduction below.

NEW: Elbod Bytes - Bite Sized Essays with Kirk Elbod
Short essays about important ideas for a hurried age.
Elbod came out of hiding to do these essays
so here are some of his current thoughts
ten years after the original interviews.

These are the original full length essays
written ten years ago.



Elbod really stuts his stuff in this interview.
Some people consider this the best of the series.







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    The  interviews  in   this 
series  were  conducted  by  a 
reporter, Mark Talbot, in  his 
early  thirties who  had  come 
over from the United  Kingdom. 
Mark   was   a   bit   stuffy, 
definitely a reporter from the 
old  school. These  interviews 
took place in 1989 so some  of 
Elbod's    predictions    have 
already  started  to  come  to 
Greek Boat

    Here  are  Talbot's  initial  comments 
about Elbod and why he decided to  conduct 
these interviews. These comments were made 
just  before  the  first  interview.   The 
description of Elbod in his trailer is how 
Talbot   found   Elbod   for   the   first 
interview.  Reading this description  will 
explain  much of Talbot's fascination  and 
also some of Elbod's peculiarities.

    "I had long sought this interview with 
a shadowy character, named Kirk Elbod.  In 
a  relatively  brief  conversation  at   a 
party,   I   surmised  that  he   had   an 
encompassing   knowledge   of    painting, 
poetry,   music,  science,  history,   pop 
culture,      psychology,      technology, 
astronomy, and a myriad of other things. I 
also  discovered that he did his  own  car 
repair, and had run a business for  years. 
To  find  such  a person  in  the  age  of 
specialization  intrigued me. I  vowed  to 
meet  with him again and conduct a  series 
of  interviews, if possible, to plumb  the 
depths  of such a man living in  the  20th 
    Repeated   attempts  to  contact   him 
failed.  I  had almost given up,  when  he 
called and invited me to meet him at  what 
I thought was his home. On a cold,  windy, 
sun  lit  morning about 9  A.M.  in  early 
January,  I made my way to meet  him.  The 
appointed spot turned out to be a very old 
travel trailer which he had parked on  one 
of  the  right-of-ways near  a  bridge  in 
Eastern  NC, overlooking a large sound.  I 
could see islands with windswept trees  in 
the distance, and beyond them a thin strip 
of  land  which I assumed  was  the  Outer 
Banks. The wind was blowing hard, stirring 
white caps across the water.
    When I arrived, he opened the door and 
ushered me inside. He motioned me over  to 
a  small table covered with a  cloth  from 
Guatemala.   He  offered  me  a   cup   of 
excellent  Arabic  coffee which  I  gladly 
    He was in his mid-forties, with sunken 
dark  eyes. He was neither tall or  short, 
stocky  or thin, but not  average  either. 
His intense glances betrayed an individual 
whose mind was always in motion. His  wild 
hair seemed to have never known a comb  or 
brush.  Nevertheless, he appeared to be  a 
man  of  culture  who knew  the  rules  of 
manners  and politeness, yet would at  the 
same time put his cowboy boots to rest  on 
the flimsy table.
    In   my  brief  encounter   with   him 
before,I  realized that  his  conversation 
would  take  wild  leaps,  that  he  would 
compare  two things that I did  not  think 
could  be compared. And that his  thinking 
was at times abrupt and murky. But I  also 
knew he lighted on ideas which I had never 
heard expressed. So I took the chance.
    Even  before  I could  ask  the  first 
question  he  spoke. It was as if  he  was 
ready  for me, or decided after  years  of 
silence  that  he needed an  audience  for 
what he had to say."

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